Online Masterclass
Silk Flower Making

‘This headpiece can’t be beat’

Harpers Bazaar exulted in 2019 the hat that Queen Maxima wore at Royal Ascot - she wore one of my creations. As you can imagine, I was bursting with pride. If anyone knows how to wear a hat, it is Queen Maxima.
Do you want to shine just like her with the perfect flower hat that matches your outfit. But have no idea how to make beautiful flowers? Follow my new Online Masterclass Couture Flower Making and I will teach you the tricks of making flowers.

We see them more and more: corsages. Used instead of a wedding bouquet, or to complement an elegant outfit.

Of course, a wedding bouquet is lovely. But also terribly impractical. You just stand there holding it, with everybody wanting to shake your hand all the time. Increasingly, we see brides wearing wrist corsages. Make one out of silk flowers and you will have a lasting memento.

You have an elegant, festive outfit but a hat or fascinator is just that bit ‘too much’? A silk flower corsage can be worn in your hair, around your neck, or your wrist. And a corsage is easily adaptable, so each time you will be wearing something slightly different.

With expert guidance, you can make the silk flowers and compose your own, unique corsage, during this Online Masterclass.

This is your chance to learn the art of flower making, from your own home, and at a time that suits you.

The Masterclass includes

  • 5 online lessons in which you will master silk flower making and create your own
  • Professional and enthusiastic guidance by Berry Rutjes
  • In your own time and in your own pace
  • E-book The Ultimate Flower Making Guide by Berry Rutjes
  • A fibrant student community

Only for €125 incl.VAT

How to get started!

The Online Masterclass Couture Flower Making will start in February 2021.

To start you will need a flower making Toolset and materials. No worries if you don’t have materials. Berry composed a starter pack, especially for the masterclass. The starter pack contains beautiful materials such as silk, wire, crêpepaper, pattern, stamens, cushion to work on, and environmentally friendly finish, priced at € 95,00.

It is also possible to order a toolkit for Flower Making. This luxurious little hatbox contains a 10-piece toolset for flower making, a cushion to work on, various stamps, instructions, environmentally friendly finish, crêpepapier, silk for one flower, wire, and sample pattern. Priced at € 195,00. An investment that pays for itself, as it will enable you to make endless silk flowers yourself.

Student Testimonials

What a great Masterclass. I had no idea that you could make such beautiful flowers with this special craft. The result is beyond expectations. I feel like Coco Chanel with her Camellia. And I look forward to learning more about it.

— Melanie, Endinburgh

About Berry Rutjes

Berry Rutjes has been designing and making all sorts of hats and all kinds of silk flower corsages in her own studio using traditional methods for thirty years. Renowned Dutch fashion designers such as Marlies Dekkers and Michael Barnaart van Bergen asked her to design creations for their (couture) shows. Her collaboration with the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum - she gave a masterclass making corsages there - drew crowded halls and customers like politicians know exactly where to find her shop.

For years, Berry has been giving workshops and training in making hats and flower corsages in her studio. Her students are always very enthusiastic: “Berry is very inspiring and passionately shares her knowledge” and “You will see results immediately” are some of the enthusiastic reactions. This made Berry think, how nice would it be if everyone had the opportunity to learn how to make their own flowers, from their own home and at a time that suited them. This is why she has developed the Online Masterclass Couture Flower Making.

ou will be trained in the art and craft of Flower Making. Thanks to her professional guidance, you will learn how to make the professional flowers to perfection, with online personal guidance from Berry herself. The course will be available for you online for one year, so that you have unlimited access to the information of the 5 lessons! In addition, you will get some nice extras such as the Ultimate Guide for flower making where you can find a few different patterns with description, how to make it!