Mad Hatter Tea Party

What could be more fun that trying on hats to your heart’s content? You and your friends are welcome in the salon of Berry Rutjes Jr. Hatdesign. But I can also come to you.

Loads of interesting facts about hats, their history and etiquette and, of course, individual advice on the perfect hat for each of you. Followed by: trying on the most beautiful hats to your heart’s content! From classic and modest to extravert and elegant. A great idea for:

  • an outing with your girlfriends
  • a sorority reunion
  • a stylish hen party
  • an anniversary
  • an unforgettable birthday
  • a teambuilding exercise with your colleagues

Mad Hatter Tea Party
If you want, I can offer you and your friends a delicious high tea, turning the event into a real Mad Hatter Tea Party. Fragrant teas, scones, clotted cream and other delicacies, as stylish as any British afternoon tea.

On location
Of course, I can also come to you. A great way to give your event an elegant touch. I can transform any space into a classic hat salon, where everybody can try on a wide range of hats. However, I cannot offer you an afternoon tea on location.

How to register?
Register for a workshop by filling out this form. Questions? Please contact Berry Rutjes Jr. Hatdesign.

Mad Hatter Tea Party

Duration of the programme:
2.5 hours

8 people

20 people

€ 59.95 each for a sumptuous High Tea, talk/demonstration and personal advice in the Hat Boutique at Noordeinde The Hague.