Making hats

A summer hat or a winter hat, a rain hat or a sun hat, a fascinator or a cocktail hat?
Before you get started, you will receive expert personal advice: which shape, material and colour suit you best? You might want to bring along a piece of clothing, bag, shoes or fabric, that your hat should coordinate with.

Making a summer or winter hat This is a two-day workshop, because halfway through the hat-making process a summer or winter hat will have to dry.

Making a rain or sun hat
I have designed a number of patterns. And the material – an exciting lacquer fabric or Scottish wax-cotton for the rain hats and sturdy linen for the sun hats – allows you to make a rain or sun hat in one day. Do bring along your own sewing machine (and make sure you know how to use it!). Once you are finished, you will receive a matching bag for your hat. Simply fold your hat (yes, you can), put it in the bag and put the bag in your purse: your handmade, beautiful and practical hat, at hand when you need it.

Summer course couture millinery
During this 4-day haute couture millinery course, I will teach you the traditional techniques of making a hat, from start to finish. The process begins with expert advice on colour, shape and size. We will then move on to the wide range of materials. And don’t forget the ‘decoration’ that should, of course, complement your design. Or rather: designs. Because at the end of this course, you will go home with not one but two gorgeous hats, designed and handmade by you. This workshop is limited to 6 participants only: to ensure that everyone receives the assistance and attention they need, whether you are a beginner of have done this before.

Making a fascinator or cocktail hat
Fascinators and cocktail hats are all the rage! And rightfully so. This small works of art on an Alice band or headband, are perfect for those who have not (yet) dared to wear a bigger hat. They are perfect for an occasion where people need to be able to see ‘past’ you. And they are an absolute must at a black or white tie event. During this one-day workshop, you will make your own fascinator or cocktail hat.

How to register?
Register for a workshop by getting a ticket here. Questions? Please contact Berry Rutjes Jr. Hatdesign.

workshop fabulous fascinator Easter Parade

Maximum number of participants: 10

Location:  Salon Royal , The Hague.

Date:  5 april from 14.00-17.00 hours

Price: € 99,00
including material, coffee/tea.

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Making hats

Minimum number of participants: 5

Data: 28 January

Data: 4,11,18 February

Data: 4,11,18,25 March

Time: 19:30 – 22:00, Gouda

Price: €450,00
including using wooden shapes and coffee/tea.
Materials not included.

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