Silk Flower Making

We see it more and more: the corsage. Instead of a bridal bouquet, or with an elegant outfit.

The only thing, of course, is such a bridal bouquet. But very clumsy. Because you just stand with it in your hands, while everyone wants to shake your hand all day long. More and more we see brides with a wrist corsage. Make it out of silk and you will have a lasting souvenir.

You have an elegant outfit, but a hat or fascinator is just a bit ‘too’? You wear a silk corsage in your hair, around the neck or the wrist. And such a corsage is easy to adjust so that you wear something slightly different every time.

Under expert guidance, you make silk flowers for your unique corsage. The workshop lasts one day.

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Spring Workshop Silk Flower Making

Minimum participants: 3

Prijs: 295,00 inclusief coffee/tea complet and all materials.

Locatie: Hat Salon The Hague

Datum: Friday 18 March 10.00-16.00 uur .