Materials and Techniques

The right material used in the proper way, that is the technical basis.

A hat is an investment. It must give you joy over a long period of time and it has to last. Therefore, I prefer using natural materials, because they ‘breathe’ and are comfortable to wear. These include for instance:

  • felt
  • sisal
  • straw
  • parabuntal
  • sinamay
  • (waxed) cotton or
  • linen

Each material asks for a different approach and process. Which is where my years of experience and my classical British training come to the fore: the traditional, artisan techniques of millinery (hat making). Of course, these include dying the materials – not only the ‘fabrics’ but even the feathers that may be used for decoration. Adorning a hat with (silk) flowers is another option. And I do make those flowers myself, even the tiny stamens and pistils. A fiddly job, but the result is phenomenal.

Handmade and unique
Machine-made, cheap hats are available everywhere. But once you have seen a handmade hat, felt it and have worn it, you will understand the difference. The fit, the quality, the durability and the look: unique! And please take ‘unique’ literally. Do you want a hat that is lined in the fabric of your favourite blouse? It can be done. Do you want a hat in the same colour as your handbag? I can make it.

Of course, I am more than happy to give you personal advice on the perfect hat for you, but you can also order directly via my webshop. Or contact me by filling out the contact form.