Online Masterclass
Couture Hat Making

Let your creativity flow

Have you always wanted to learn how to make hats, but don't have time to take a class? Do you sometimes think, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I could make a hat that perfectly matches my outfit?” Or do you ever think about mastering the craft of millinery?

Dutch hat designer Berry Rutjes uses her craftsmanship and creativity in an exciting new project, developing an Online Couture Hat Making Masterclass. This is your chance to learn the trade from the master, from your own home and at a time that suits you.

Online Masterclass Couture Hat Making

For years, Berry has given workshops and training in hat making and flower corsages making in her studio with great enthusiasm and success. This made Berry think, “How nice would it be if everyone had the opportunity to learn to make their own hats, from their own home and at a time that suits them’. That is why she developed the Online Masterclass Couture Hat Making. You will be trained in the art and craft of hat making. Thanks to her professional guidance,  you will learn how to make the professional hats to perfection, with online personal advice from Berry.

The Masterclass includes

  • 10 online lessons in which you will master millinery and create your own hat
  • Professional and enthusiastic guidance by Berry Rutjes
  • In your own time and in your own pace
  • Monthly live Q&A sessions
  • E-book The Ultimate Hat Style Guide by Berry Rutjes
  • A vibrant student community

Only for €495 incl.VAT

How to get started!

To start you will need a hat block and materials.  No worries if you don’t have materials. Berry composed a starter pack especially for the masterclass. The pack will contain beautiful materials such as velour felt, grosgrain ribbon, garnish, special iron wire and environmentally friendly finish, priced at € 125.

It is also possible to order a custom hat block. This luxurious personalized version of soft fruit wood is specially made for you and engraved with your name. The mold costs € 750. An investment that pays for itself, as it will enable you to make ten different versions of couture hats. You can order the material during checkout.

Student Testimonials

I started the course to use my creativity again. Beforehand I worried a bit if I could cope with the level of the course. But the videos are really helpful in every step. Every stitch is explained by Berry. And I enjoyed the live Q&A sessions with Berry very much. From her atelier, she gives good advice ánd inspiration. Making my own hat makes me feel proud and I wear the hat with love and pride!.

— Klasina Groeneveld

I’ve always wondered how a hat was made and how to use a hat block. Thanks to this masterclass, I got answers to these questions and I have made a hat that suits me.

— Frederike Maathuis-Backerus

About Berry Rutjes

Berry learnt the craftsmanship of millinery at the London College of Fashion. It was here that she specialized in the classic, traditional techniques of hat making. She came back to The Netherlands and started her own workshop; Berry Rutjes Jr. Hatdesign. Ever since her love for hats and her business have evolved.

From fedora to slouch hat
A hat is cool and classy and is the perfect accessory to emphasize your style. Whether you have a fabulous party, a business meeting or are going shopping, a floppy brim hat, cool fedora or casual bucket hat is the finishing touch to any outfit. Berry Rutjes has been designing and making all sorts of hats in her own studio using traditional methods. Renowned Dutch fashion designers such as Marlies Dekkers and Michael Barnaart van Bergen asked her to design creations for their (couture) shows. Her collaboration with the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum drew crowded halls and customers like politicians know exactly where to find her shop.

Berry has been giving workshops and training in making hats and flower corsages in her studio. Her students are always very enthusiastic: "Berry is very inspiring and passionately shares her knowledge" and "You will see results immediately" are some of the enthusiastic reactions. This made Berry think, “How nice would it be if everyone had the opportunity to learn how to make their own hats, from their own home and at a time that suited them. This is why she has recently developed the Online Masterclass Couture Hat Making.